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I Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Coaching And Training Available.

Always improve and make a difference in others’ lives. 

Those are 2 statements that have always driven me and help bring me to who I am today.

The most important people in your life are your family and who better to make a difference with than your children.  1 thing I didn’t want to say when my kids had graduated was “Where did the time go?” 

I made a choice that every week there would be a “Men’s night” where we would go out and just do whatever the boys wanted.  We started this when they were very young and continued until they moved on and it was one of the best decisions that I ever made.  

I had to say NO to a lot of things to make this happen, but it was because I had a burning YES inside of me.  This tradition has continued with our Grandchildren as well.  We make sure to visit them weekly as much as possible so we can make a difference in their lives.

Many years ago, I knew I wanted to have an even greater influence in people’s lives, so I took the Dale Carnegie course where I met some wonderful people and learned some great principles.  Towards the end of the course, we were asked to partner with someone, and I got to work with Marie.  We discussed our dreams and I told her that I would love to become a certified 7 Habits of Highly Effective People facilitator, but felt it was impossible because of the time and cost.  Well after a few years, a lot of hard work and collaboration with people I did it and began to instruct that course and help many people.

During that time, I found that many of the people that I was helping were having financial difficulties so to help them I became a budget counselor to learn how to help people budget and manage their money through companies like Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.  Again, I started helping more people and found it very fulfilling.

What I found though that really troubled me was that even though I invested my life in helping these people a couple of years after we were done working together most of them just went back to their old ways, this was discouraging, there had to be a better way.

This is when I was first introduced to coaching.  I was helping a Pastor and his wife with leadership development as well as helping their church to get their finances in order.  She kept encouraging me to learn about coaching.  One weekend I attended a 2-day intro to coaching course where I met Sam, who was the trainer and would become a mentor of mine. 

During the training he asked if anyone wanted to be coached when 1 gentleman raised his hand and volunteered.  What I saw over the next 30 minutes astounded me.  He was a Pastor who was burned out, his church was declining and said he was ready to leave the ministry.  I said to myself “Wow that is tough, I wonder how this will work out.” 

To my amazement over the time of coaching, by just asking questions and drawing out what was already inside of him I could see some passion start to come back and by the time they were done he had a plan that he took back to his hotel room to work on.  The next day at the coaching session he was a new man.  His passion was back, he had a plan to move forward and was ready to go back and implement it. 

Fast forward 2 years later I saw him again and asked how it was going.  They outgrew their church, had to build a new one, added staff and were continuing to grow.

I was hooked.  I knew I needed to help people in this way. 

I continued to take courses through AGCoaching.  Decided I wanted to continue to improve so I looked for one of the top coach training organizations in the world and over the next year I became an ICF certified coach through Erickson International.

As I continued to help people move forward towards their dreams, I discovered the power of assessments and decided I needed to become certified in what I felt were some of the best and most effective.  This led me to Everything DiSC through Wiley so I became certified in a number of assessments through them as well as the 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive team by Patrick Lencioni.  I have found these to be so valuable in helping my clients.

I love what I have learned through coaching and the many people I have helped; you just never know the impact that you will have on people’s lives. 

One story that comes to mind was a 1-day intro to coaching class that I was teaching at our church.  Before the class started several ladies came in asking where the woman’s group was meeting.  When I explained that there was no woman’s group meeting, but we were having a coaching class and welcomed them to stay.  Well since they had already drove over an hour and planned on the day anyways, they stayed. 

When I asked for a volunteer to coach all the ladies looked at this one lady “Beth” and she came forward.  She was a young lady and when I asked what she would like to be coached on she said, “I’m afraid my husband is going to pass away, and I won’t know what do to.”  When I asked her if her husband was ill, she said no he’s very young and healthy, but this fear of hers would just overcome her. 

Coaching is all about helping people move forward and typically I don’t coach on things that may not happen but felt I needed to just “dance in the moment” with her.  As we coached, we went through the various scenarios, setup a plan and specific action steps and began to envision a life of her being complete and whole without her husband.  We completed our coaching, she felt better, and I continued with the training. 

After the training there was 1 lady who ‘disagreed’ with my coaching method saying I really needed to get to the root of her fear.  When I explained that this is what a counselor does not a coach, she disagreed and then left.  She did leave an impression on me because of how “Adamant” she was about how I did it wrong. 

A couple of year later I saw her again at another training I was doing, and she made a bee line for me, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  She asked if I remembered her, well of course I did.  She then went on to tell me that a couple of months after I coached her friend, the unexpected happened and unfortunately her husband passed away.  She explained that because of our coaching she was able to get through it and was now a much stronger woman and helping others to go through what she did. 

This is the legacy I want to leave!

I continue to help people but instead of now telling them how they should move forward I help uncover what is already inside of them through the many things I have learned in my coaching journey.  I now find that many years after working with individuals and groups they continue to move forward and have not fallen back into their old ways, all because I now know how to help bring out what is already inside of them. 

I love what I do.

Who is Paul?

AG Certified Coach
DiSC Assessment Trainer
5 Behaviours of a Cohesive Team Trainer
Toastmasters Competent Communicator

My passion is to help people achieve all that they have called to be.
I have been doing personal and professional leadership development training for over 25 years.
I have been married to my wife Carrie for over 30 years and we have 2 boys and 2 Grandchildren.
In my spare time I enjoy walking, hiking, reading, spending time with family and personal development.

What legacy are you choosing to leave?

Let me help you achieve the answers to these questions by drawing out what is already inside of you!

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