The first step is to complete an assessment, so that together, we can learn your personality type. Once that has been established, we can customize a coaching program from which you will benefit.


Through the coaching process, you will decide what is most important to you, learn to set goals, and do the work to become the person you want to be. 

The Workplace

The workplace can be challenging environment for many of us. We need to learn how to function within a society of varying personalities, while accomplishing the tasks set before us. Paul Hackett offers workplace coaching to help us understand one another and improve team dynamics.

Why Coaching with Paul Hackett?

When life gets challenging you need to change your perspective so you can move forward. Paul Hackett has dedicated his life to helping people find their focus, set goals, and learn to lead their best lives.


Paul Hackett has made it his goal and successfully become certified in several well-respected coaching methods over his lifetime. He has helped many people choose their legacies. 

Play Video about What Legacy are you choosing to leave?